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Investor service center

The ISC is the responsible organization for working with investors and the aggregating body of all data related to attracting investment to the region.

The ISC carries out functions of servicing investors on the principle of "one window" in the following areas:

1) support of potential investors (medium and large investment projects) throughout the entire stay in the West Kazakhstan region;

2) attracting investors, searching for sources of financing for projects in the region, taking the necessary measures to promote the investment image of the region, as well as events to attract foreign investment, including road shows, business forums, round tables;

3) receiving and consulting investors;

4) monitoring the current state of investment projects for the possibility of providing government support measures and post-investment support of projects;

5)formation of a list of existing investors and their entry into the Register of promising projects of the West Kazakhstan region;

6) providing advisory support for local public-private partnership projects;

7) organization of meetings necessary for the investor in the building of the ISC;

8) assistance to potential investors in visa support;

9) provision of information on deposits in the region;

10) the preparation of technical specifications and permits;

11) presentation to investors of investment projects in the region, including outside the region;

12) providing investors with a temporary workplace in the building of the Clearinghouse with all communications, as well as the possibility of renting premises for opening a temporary legal address with the provision of handling incoming correspondence and other types of services.

Accompanying the investor also implies the provision of an office for free use, the possibility of registering a legal entity of the investor or his representative office on the territory of the PIC office, assigning a personal manager who will represent the interests of the investor in all instances.

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